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To better promote the State's small-, minority- and women-owned (SMWBE) vendors and to make it easier for buyers from the various state agencies, authorities, commissions, colleges and universities to find SMWBEs who provide goods and services that meet their procurement needs, and for prime contractors to identify potential subcontractors the Division of Minority & Women Business Development will host an online directory of SMWBEs, which includes summary information for each company. Businesses will be able to enter the state portal, register and self-declare as a small-, minority- and/or women-owned business. Through inclusion in the directory, vendors can market their goods, services, and experience directly to purchasing agents and prime contractors who may not be familiar with their company.

Database Benefits for the Small, Minority & Women-Owned Businesses:

  • Listed in a searchable, central database at no charge
  • State registration and/or certification is not required to be listed in the database
  • Email notification of opportunities that match your specific commodity code
  • Database Benefits for the Buyers & Prime Contractors:

  • Easy access to a pool of potential small-, minority- and women-owned vendors
  • Searchable by commodity code, location, SBE, MBE, WBE, etc.
  • Ability to develop a vendor prospect list for both informal and formal bidding opportunities
  • An important note in regards to self-declaration, this means that a vendor can declare themselves as a small-, minority- and/or women-owned business without first proving that they are a registered SBE or a certified M/WBE with the Division of Minority & Women Business Development. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the State entity and/or prime contract to verify the validity of the information, for example whether or not a company is a registered SBE and/or certified M/WBE.


    This vendor database is provided as a courtesy service to the public. Once a business/vendor submits their information to be posted to the website, it will not automatically be posted to the website until it has been reviewed for appropriateness by the Division of Minority and Women Business Development . However, the business/vendor is responsible for updating their information in the database; therefore the Division cannot guarantee or warranty the accuracy of the information. Therefore, the State of New Jersey disclaims any express or implied warranties related to the use of the email notification system and for any materials, information, and/or processes contained within the email notification system. Each entity is responsible for updating the bid opportunity information for their respective agency; therefore the Division cannot guarantee or warranty the accuracy of the information. Furthermore, the State does not assume any responsibility for the use of or reliance on any information, delivery of information and/or any transmission or non-transmission of such information, provided by the email notification system. Moreover, the Division does not guarantee or warranty that a business/vendor that may represent themselves as an SBE, MBE and/or WBE is indeed registered and/or certified as such with the New Jersey Commerce, Economic Growth & Tourism Commission. Neither the State, its employees, nor its agents shall be liable for any damages, including indirect, special, incidental, or consequential damages a user incurs as a result of viewing, distributing, or copying materials, from use of the service even if advised of the possibility of such damages. Any dispute arising from using or attempting to use information or materials contained herein shall be determined in accordance with New Jersey law without regard to conflict of law principles, in the courts of New Jersey.

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