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This Business Opportunity System is provided as a courtesy service to the public. Therefore, the State of New Jersey disclaims any express or implied warranties related to the use of the bid opportunity system and for any materials, information, and/or processes contained within the bid opportunity system. Each entity is responsible for updating the bid opportunity information for their respective agency; therefore the Division cannot guarantee or warranty the accuracy of the information.

Neither the State nor any of the entities furnishing the information contained in the business opportunity system make any representation with regard to the application of specific procurement laws, regulations, or practices. Furthermore, neither the State nor any of the entities furnishing information contained in the business opportunity system assume any responsibility for the use of or reliance on any information, delivery of information and/or any transmission or non-transmission of such information, provided by the business opportunity system. Users of the business opportunity system assume the risk of using or relying on the information.

In addition, the participating agencies may use classification codes other than NIGP commodity codes, for example object codes or North American Industrial Classification Codes (NAICS). Therefore, the same opportunity may be listed under a different code if a business accesses it through the originating entities website.

Finally, the Division does not guarantee that accessing opportunities through this website will result in the awarding of contracts. Neither the State, its Commissioners, officers, employees or its agents, nor any of the entities furnishing the information contained in the business opportunity system, their Commissioners, officers, employees or agents, shall be liable for any damages, including indirect, special, incidental, or consequential damages a user incurs as a result of viewing, distributing, or copying materials, or as a result of any other use of the business opportunity service, even if advised of the possibility of such damages. Any dispute arising from using or attempting to use information or materials contained herein shall be determined in accordance with New Jersey law without regard to conflict of law principles, in the courts of New Jersey, or otherwise as provided by law.

Vendors are encouraged to deal directly with each individual agency regarding procurement laws and regulations applicable to that agency.

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