Standing Certificates

Standing certificates attest to the legal status of business entities such as corporations and limited liability companies operating in New Jersey. The certificates are certified under the seal of the State Treasurer and serve as legal documents. There are 3 types of Standing Certificates and all are available online. The most commonly requested certificate is the Short Form Standing. To order a Short or Long Form Standing, use Order Certificate. To learn more about the types of Standing certificates, or their associated fees, use Learn more.

You may validate that a Standing certificate was issued by the State of New Jersey. Validation is available for all online Standing certificates ordered after MM/DD/YYYY. If you have a Standing Certificate that needs to be validated, use Validate Certificate

Please note:
If you have just filed your Annual Report online, you must wait 1 business day before the changes will be shown on any standing certificate. Also, if you are unable to print your standing certificate please e-mail us at:

Please make sure to provide your confirmation number and let us know what type of standing was ordered. We will e-mail you the document if the payment was authorized.

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