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Inheritance and Estate Tax Payment Services

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Welcome to our on-line Inheritance and Estate tax payment service. This service allows you to:
  • Make Inheritance and Estate tax payments via Electronic Check (E-Check) or Credit Card.
  • View all previously made payments and modify E-Check payments that have not yet been executed.
To make a tax payment; view a previously made payment; or modify a scheduled payment, you must enter the decedent's social security number and date of death. This information must be on file with the Division of Taxation in order for you to proceed. Please call 609-292-5033 to have a record created or corrected (M-F 8:30 am - 4:30 pm EST). Please refer to "electronic payments" when calling.
By clicking the submit button you agree to the terms described in the PRIVACY NOTICE.    Read the privacy notice before proceeding. If you do not agree, please do not submit.

Please enter the Decedent's Social Security Number and Date of Death to begin the process:

* Decedent's Social Security Number (Without Dashes)         *Required
* Date Of Death:    

PRIVACY ACT NOTIFICATION - The Division of Taxation requires the submission of your social security number under the authority of 42 U.S.C.A Section 405 (c)(2)(C)(i) and uses your social security number to establish your identification and for record keeping purposes.