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Individual Taxpayer Account, Filing and Payment Services

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Division of Taxation, Individual Taxpayer Account and Filing and Payment Service
Welcome to our on-line Individual Taxpayer Account, Filing and Payment Service. This service allows you to:
  • Make income tax payments, including estimated tax payments, via credit card or electronic check (e-check) and view or adjust previously made payments or previously scheduled estimated tax payments prior to settlement date.
  • File an application (NJ-630) for an extension of time to file your New Jersey Income Tax return through April 18, 2017.
  • Verify the amounts of your New Jersey Income Tax estimated payments and credits for the current and/or previous tax year.
  • Make Property Tax Relief Payments (Homestead Benefit or Senior Freeze payments) via credit card or electronic check (e-check).
To make an income tax payment, view or adjust previously scheduled estimated tax payments, or obtain your estimated payments statement, you must enter your Social Security number or federal identification number and your date of birth. If you are a fiduciary (trustee, executor, administrator) of an estate or trust, enter the date of the decedent's death or the date the trust was created from Line 1, 2, 3 or 4 of Form NJ-1041.
To obtain your Estimated Payments Statement of Account, you must provide the amount of your refund or balance due from your 2014 or 2015 income tax return. If you are a married or civil union couple and filing a joint income tax return, enter the Social Security number listed first on your NJ-1040-ES payment voucher. If you do not make estimated tax payments, but wish to verify the amount of your credits or other payments, enter the Social Security number that appeared first on your last year's income tax return.

Are you making a payment for a lien or judgment?
If you are paying the entire amount owed on a certificate of debt (docketed judgment), below are the waiting periods before the Warrant for Satisfaction can be issued:
  • Credit card — 180 day waiting period
  • E-check (electronic check) — 60 day waiting period
  • Guaranteed funds — No waiting period*
If you do not receive your Warrant for Satisfaction after the time period shown above, contact your assigned caseworker.
*NOTE: Guaranteed funds (cashier/bank check or money order) cannot be submitted through this website. If you would like to pay with guaranteed funds, contact your assigned caseworker or the Division's Judgment Section at 609-292-7331 to make payment arrangements.
By clicking the submit button you agree to the terms described in the PRIVACY NOTICE.    Read the privacy notice before proceeding. If you do not agree, please do not submit.

Please enter your Social Security Number and BIRTH DATE to begin the process:
* Enter Social Security Number (Without hyphens or dashes): *Required
Date Of Birth:

The information collected through this website is intended for use by the Division of Taxation.
PRIVACY ACT NOTIFICATION — The Division of Taxation requires the submission of your social security number under the authority of 42 U.S.C.A Section 405 (c)(2)(C)(i) and uses your social security number to establish your identification and for record keeping purposes.