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Worksheet to Calculate NJ Household Income

Enter Line 27 (Total Income) of your 2019 New Jersey 1040 form.
(Do not use data from your Federal Income Tax Return)
1. __________
Enter Line 16B (Tax-Exempt Interest) of your 2019 NJ-1040. 2. __________
For any dependent you claimed who filed a 2019 New Jersey Income Tax return, enter the amount(s) from lines 27 (income) and 16B (Tax-Exempt interest) of their NJ-1040. Also list income of any dependent who did not file a New Jersey tax return. Don't include dependent earnings included as taxable income on your own 2019 return.  
Dependent 1:  __________ __________  
Dependent 2:  __________ __________  
Dependent 3:  __________ __________  
Dependent 4:  __________ __________  
Dependent 5:  __________ __________  
Other Dependents:  __________ __________  
(Calculate Income and Tax-Exempt Interest for other dependents on a separate page and enter the totals above)  
Dependent Totals:  __________
  3. __________
(Add all Dependent Income and Tax-Exempt Interest)  
Totals - Add lines 1, 2, and 3
(This is your household income)
4. __________

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